Yard Maintenance

This has a lot to do with home safety since you want to prevent burglary and keep your home safe. So what does one have to do with the other? Quite a lot, it seems. Let’s see how it connects with home safety with having a maintained yard.

yard maintenanceThe yard is where kids play, you mow the lawn and keep it looking nice.Of course, that is the number one thing most people think about. It can help keep your home safe too, by trimming the hedges where criminals might like to hide and to help prevent everyday accidents. Did you know that ninety percent of accidents occur at the home? It’s true, and there is a lot to be said for prevention.

A yard can be littered with toys, twigs and leaves. All of this makes your home look cluttered, unkempt and is an accident waiting to happen. There is a reason why they say to make sure the lawn is free of debris before you mow your lawn. They don’t want someone hitting a twig while mowing the lawn and having it go flying, hurting themselves in the process.

It’s not only the debris that can be found in your yard. It can be holes where pets have been digging and you haven’t filled in those holes yet.Maybe your kids have been digging in the sandbox and they throw sand. That’s not a safe thing either for your yard. While sand does not hurt the grass, it’s still not a good idea for the yard.

Your best bet to keeping your house safe is to maintain your lawn so that you can prevent most accidents. It’s just not for looks though. You can have a great house, a safe house and a clean yard at the same time.