There are all different types of locks, and while it might be overwhelming at all the possibilities, there are lots of choices. Let’s talk about each one; their pros, cons and what you should get.

First, let’s start with the simple locks. These can be installed on any door, exterior or interior. These are easily installed, but one of the downsides to this super simple lock is some of these can be opened easily with a card, usually a credit card. Be sure and check what model you are getting for defects prior to installation. These locks are not expensive, especially if you have many doors throughout your home.


Next, we will talk about deadbolt locks. The doorknobs and the deadbolts don’t usually come together. It depends on the style and features of each mechanism and the type of door you have. Some doors have pre-cut sections for the doorknob and the deadbolt. Some only have one hole and there is always an option to have someone drill a hole for the deadbolt, if you want. The good things about a deadbolt is they are infinitely harder to get through than a simple lock can be. This can be advantageous when someone is threatening you to let them into your house, especially if that person is someone you don’t know. These are best used in exterior doors rather than interior doors.

Another type of lock is a chain lock. You’ve probably seen these on the inside of doors at a hotel room. These accomplish a simple but valuable purpose. This is when you are in the hotel and you don’t want anyone to come in without you knowing. This is extra security too. The chain lock has other uses too. For example, if you have a young child that knows how to open the door, you can install the chain lock up where they can’t reach it so they don’t escape the house. These can be used on interior and exterior doors as well. These locks are not expensive at all, but can give you peace of mind and an extra bit of security when used in your own home. Any home improvement store should have these types of chain locks. These also come in different colors as well. So decide for yourself if you would benefit from this type of lock.

A newer type of lock is called a key less entry lock. If you’ve bought a new car recently, or have seen the new cars, you have seen one. These have a knob which can be turned along with a keypad and a touchscreen. These are mostly seen in banks or automobiles, but they are now in use for the general public at your local home improvement store. One of its features means you don’t have to carry a key to your house around, you just memorize a special numerical code. This is useful when you don’t want just anyone into your house also. It depends on the specifications, but some can program a one time code for someone else to get into your house, without worrying about a key.

lockAnother kind of new lock is biometrics. People have created security systems to scan your index finger or thumb to unlock your house, car or to have your place as secure as it can be. There are some computers that can hook up a biometric scanner and you can log onto your computer that way, instead of a password. This makes things very secure for your home or valuable information you may have. This does have drawbacks, however. It doesn’t happen often, but biometric security system can fail if your eyes or fingerprints have changed in any way.

We have talked about five different kinds of locks. Some of these, like the simple locks or the chain locks, can be an inexpensive fix for your security issues. Some of the newer locks, like the key less entry or the biometric systems can be as much as a few hundred dollars. It just depends on how secure you want your house or home to be, and how much you are willing to spend. There are lots of options. Some options can overlap, but some need to be separate so that they can work correctly to keep you safe.

Be sure and maintain your security systems or they can and will fail on you in the least opportune time. A proper maintenance schedule will help keep things running smoothly!