Hurricane Shutters

hurricane shutterHurricane shutters are a different story than doors or Garage door openers. These are pretty much exclusive to areas where there are likely to be hurricanes; especially on the east and west coast of America. Hurricanes are not unheard of in such places like Jamaica and those places, but we’re talking about the United States here. So mostly in places of Florida and California and other states that have an ocean on one of their edges.

Hurricane shutters come in all different shapes and sizes. So what are these things, really and wheat can you do with them? Let’s find out about these.

Hurricane shutters serve a purpose, they really do. They protect windows from being shattered by objects in a bad storm, one of the most notable are hurricanes. These also can be caused by a windy thunderstorms too, though not so often as hurricanes. This is part of the name. So they protect the windows and the general structure of the building. What different types are there? What Makes A Hurricane Window Impact Resistant?

Usually before a hurricane is there, a watch is issued. The storm has been spotted and then a warning is issued in the affected area. Some have to be manually put in place and some are automatic.

The five types are automatic roll down shutters, accordion shutters, awning shutters, storm panel shutters and plywood shutters. All but the storm panel shutters and plywood ones are all installed before use. It just depends on how much you would like to spend and what is easiest for you.

hurricane shutterAnother point to consider is if you have the upper body strength to install the plywood or storm panel shutters. These can be heavy, especially since the wood needs to be at least five eighths of an inch thick piece of plywood. You also have to cut and install them yourself. This can be a pain, especially since you have a lot of windows on your building or storefront, or whatever it might be. The storm panels are made of aluminum, but they can be awkward to install and be a little time consuming. Aluminum is light but strong, so it might make a good choice for you too.

All of this is a lot to consider, especially the types of hurricane shutters. This is a big decision and an investment, since some of these options are not cheap. This is your decision though so choose wisely.