Garage Door Maintenance

door depot incSpeaking of doors, there is a need to have your garage door maintained as well as it can be. You don’t want to have just come home from work and then the garage door doesn’t open. That doesn’t do any good for anyone. Rather, problems are best when they are spotted early, rather than when the problem has been ignored, which will be more expensive.

One thing that helps when you are looking at garage door maintenance, is basically super simple stuff. This could consist of making sure the garage door is clean and that it is working correctly. I had an unfortunate incident the other month when the garage door just wouldn’t go down, it would reverse when it needed to go all the way up. I honestly thought I’d broken it, and told my husband so. It turned out that there was a sensor an inch or two behind the door that was tripped. It was fine after that. So watch out for that.

Another basic thing you can do is to make sure that the garage door is clean. It can’t go up and down very easily if it is somehow caked with mud or something else, like snow or drenched in water. So keep it clean and you shouldn’t have a lot of problems. You also will want to sweep where the garage door comes down so it will look better.Inspect your garage door as often as you wish to keep it free from rust and other dings that can damage it. This can be done probably about once a month and it only takes a few minutes to see that it is in good shape.

garage doorsOnce in a while you want to observe the garage door and the chain as the door goes up and down to see how the individual parts are working. Look and hear how the workings are sounding. Do they sound like they are slow, or hard to move? If so, then you may want to oil your chain if you have an opener.If the opener is not working as it should, the opener might need a battery change and a service call might be in order from whatever company you bought it from or had it installed from.

Garage door maintenance is super simple and it requires only a few minutes. Take that time and insure things are up to snuff.